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Iím often asked questions about Harmony Rose and I thought this would be a good way to answer some of the most frequently asked ones. So here we have the Harmony Rose facts page. I will continue to add to it and edit it as more information becomes available.

What is the first movie that Harmony Rose ever did?

It was called New Nymphos. In this movie she dives in head first taking on two men at once ... not something you would really expect from a first timer.

How did Harmony Rose make her first movie in 2000 if she didn't enter the business until 2004?

It is often reported that Harmony Rose made her first movie in 2000, a movie called "Threesomes" but this is a typo. In fact, in 2000 Harmony Rose wasn't even 18 and of legal age yet to be making any adult movies. This movie was in fact from 2004 and not 2000 as sometimes misreported.

Is it true that Harmony Rose used to live with Tory Lane and that they were live in lesbian lovers?

Yes and no. While it is true that Tory Lane and Harmony Rose used to be roommates, they were not live in lovers, just two teenaged girls sharing an apartment. Sorry but no Ellen Degeneres and Porsha De Rossi thing going on there, the girls were just friends. But do keep in mind these friends are porn stars so they often perform in the same movies! Have you seen the Harmony Rose videos page?

What are Harmony's plans for the future?

Harmony Rose is one of the more "grounded" porn stars in that she keeps her eye on what is important. It is speculated that since she is still very close with her mother that too helps keep her head on straight. When she isn't busy making movies she lives in Florida near her family and runs a business with her mother where they buy run down or distressed properties in decent neighborhoods and "flip" them for a profit after fixing them up. In addition to her investments into real estate there is a rumor that Harmony Rose has begun directing movies. That couldn't however be further from the truth. In 2007 Harmony Rose said she has no interest whatsoever in directing movies. It's not her thing. She likes to work in front of the camera and just doesn't have any desire to do the directing thing. After saying this a few sources began to list Harmony Rose as the director the DVD called "Claudia". This isn't true. The Harmony who directed this movie has been directing movies since 2005 and is from England. So although it wasn't directed by Harmony Rose, it is apparently a hot ass DVD.

Claudia : English Porn Powerhouse Harmony has a genius for taking British settings and injecting the hardest porn amid a staid backdrop. This collection of 2 new scenes and 9 of the best scenes from Harmony's growing library shows this brand of porn at its best. This is a must have for fans of Jane Darling, who does a wild anal scene with Marco Banderas (Scene 5), and a second anal scene (Scene 8). Scene 3 features new girls, Black Angelica and Lucy in a gang bang. Anal with Sharka Blue (Scene 11), and double penetrations (Scenes 6, 9) round out the movie. Directed by Harmony and starring Claudia Rossi, Katy Caro, Jane Darling, Angelica Black, Lucy Belle, Tony De Sergio, Jazz Duro, Marco, Zoltan, Ben Kelly, Oliver Sanchez, Dirty Dog, George Uhl, Clarke Kent, Kieran Lee and Dan.

claudia dvd

Is Harmony Rose retired?

No she is still very active in the business and making movies and doing photo shoots every single month! Harmony Rose still lives in Florida and comes to LA to work typically about 10 days a month, during which time she does a handful of scenes for movies as well as photo shoots for various websites and magazines of which she has booked for her from LA Direct Models, a booking agent her and her best friend Tory Lane have been with for many years.

What is Harmony Rose's favorite thing to do?

Well there are probably a handful of answers to that question but I think if you asked Harmony herself, the first answer out of her mouth will probably be "smoke". Below is a picture of Harmony Rose at an industry Party hosted by LA Direct Models from August 03, 2008.

harmony rose smoking

Is there any truth to the rumor that Harmony Rose was a Hooters girl prior to entering porn?

Very much so. Before becoming a porn star she worked at hooters with her best friend and roommate Tory Lane. However the girls weren't making the money they would have liked so Tory Lane got Harmony to do some dancing and then eventually Harmony moved into porn and convinced Tory to do it too saying "it was the best thing ever".

Did Harmony Rose have any other jobs prior to getting into porn? I think I heard she once worked at Burger King.

Well I don't know if Harmony Rose ever worked at Burger King but I do know that she has a strong work ethic, and started working as young at 14. Her first job as at a McDonald's by her house. She had her dad sign a child labor law consent form so that she could do it as at the time she wasn't even old enough to have that job. She said "I just wanted to work so badly." We know she's always worked at Hooters and a local strip club for a short time before entering porn.